4 Advantages of Travel Insurance

Advantages of Travel Insurance – Expeditionary insurance protects not only the health of customers who are on expeditions, but also other important things on this basis. Did you realize it? Come on, listen to the explanation below.

Flight detour

Each flight runs the risk of delaying or delaying the departure schedule. It is influenced by a number of factors. Starting with bad weather and progressing to force majeure. Customers with expeditionary insurance can make cash claims based on the coverage limit for every 6 hours of flight delay. Not only that, but the insurance covers flight cancellations until the other fees, which include accommodation, are paid if the customer wishes to change the flight schedule.

Treatment cost

Customers will also be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred while abroad, such as dental treatment, hospitalization, surgery, and traditional healing. Meanwhile, customers are entitled to reimbursement for treatment fees paid at hospitals in the country as a result of healing received outside the country.

Baggage hold-up

If the customer’s baggage is held for more than 6 hours due to the airline’s negligence, the insurance industry will adjust the payment required by the customer. For instance, the purchase of basic necessities such as clothing and toiletries.

Travel documentation

Shipping insurance protects customers’ luggage and personal belongings, including shipping documents. If the customer’s belongings are lost or destroyed, it is the responsibility of the expedition insurance.

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Shipping insurance, in addition to the four benefits listed above, provides guarantees against running out of down payments or flight cancellations. AXA SmartTraveller expedition insurance provides all of this coverage. Purchase online at AXA myPage to receive equal protection for your expeditions and flights. You can stay calm on the expedition and focus on your activities if you purchase expedition insurance from AXA.

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